Elder Abuse Program

The Elder Abuse Protection Unit is dedicated to assisting victims of crime who are 60 years of age or older. Many crimes against the elderly involve financial fraud, theft by deception, identity theft, abuse of a power of attorney, neglect or physical abuse. Financial abuse often involves a family member. Here at the District Attorney’s Office, we are sensitive to the difficulties associated with reporting this kind of abuse. Please understand that you are not alone, either as a victim or as a family member of an elderly victim. Call us with questions, even if you are wondering where to call for assistance.

In addition to prosecuting crimes against seniors, the District Attorney’s Elder Abuse Protection Unit also considers education part of our mission. We often partner with the appropriate organizations to help teach seniors how to protect themselves and to train police, public safety, and fire personnel how to spot elder abuse and handle such cases.

To report elder abuse cases, please call your local Sheriff’s Office.