Prosecution Process & Court Room Etiquette

Courtroom Etiquette


Do dress neatly and professionally if possible.
Do arrive on time.
Do turn off your cell phone.
Do be respectful to everyone.
Do speak clearly and loudly enough to be heard.
Do ask the questioner to repeat or clarify any questions that you do not understand.
Do direct your answers to the person who asked the question. Make eye contact with him/her.
Do pay attention. It is helpful to listen and learn about the process.
Do appear pleasant and interested in the proceedings.
Do be polite to courtroom staff – the clerk, the bailiff or others.
Do refer to The Judge as “Your Honor” and speak with respect toward everyone.

Not Allowed

Don’t chew gum.
Don’t wear shorts.
Don’t interrupt.
Don’t read the newspaper, listen to your iPod, work on your laptop, chew gum, use your cell phone or talk to other people while waiting in the back of the courtroom.
Don’t make faces or roll your eyes or otherwise show negative reactions to something happening in the court.
Don’t ignore or treat non-judge members of the court staff poorly.