Two men convicted of murder, feticide by Pointe Coupee jury

An 18th Judicial District Court jury in Pointe Coupee returned guilty verdicts on April 8  in the trial of two men for a deadly Valentine’s Day shooting in 2019 that killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Treveon Robinson, 22, of 2022 Lobdell Hwy., Port Allen, was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree feticide, attempted second degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Andre Griffin, 24, also of Port Allen, was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree feticide, and attempted second degree murder. Both men face life in prison.

Aerial Edwards, 25, of Glynn, and her unborn child, were killed in the murders. “It’s sad that this little boy never had an opportunity to live life and be a part of the Edwards family, but by serving justice on the people that killed that little baby boy and his mama, we’re able to provide some sort of closure to that family,” said Assistant District Attorney Chad Aguillard. “I pray that they can now move on and put this chapter of their lives behind them.”

The trial lasted two weeks, and the jury deliberated two hours before returning the guilty verdicts. District Judge Kevin Kimball presided over the trial.

“These young folks who have chosen a life of violence appear not to have gotten our message,” said District Attorney Tony Clayton. “If you choose to take the life of another unjustifiably you will forfeit your right to live freely. Put the guns down or you will die in Angola. We take no joy in prosecuting you, but you leave us no choice. Put the guns down.”

Edwards was killed in the drive-by shooting into a house she shared with her boyfriend, Kendel Mingo, on Russell Lane in Glynn on Feb. 14, 2019. She was asleep in bed at the time. In testimony during the trail, the DA’s office established that the shots fired into the house were intended to kill Mingo. After the shooting Mingo called the Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Office and rushed Edwards to the hospital, but she died before arriving.

The DA’s office presented evidence that the shots that hit Edwards also killed the unborn child. “We presented real-life evidence of the death of an innocent, unborn baby that emanated from the senseless, stupid violence of Andre Griffin and Treveon Robinson,” Aguillard said.

“It was extremely emotional to see that happen in a live trial for the jurors, who were conducting their civic duty.”

 “District Attorney Tony Clayton has taken a position that when a case involves serious gun violence we will not standby and work out deals. Our objective is to present these cases to the juries of our three parishes to get justice for the victims,” added Aguillard.