Campbell found guilty in Raxx Bar murder

A  12-member jury unanimously found Ronald Dwayne Campbell guilty of second degree murder today in the shooting of Trey Allen, 21, outside the Raxx Bar in Erwinville, according to District Attorney Tony Clayton.

Clayton was lead prosecuting attorney in the trial in Eighteenth Judicial District Court in Port Allen. The jury deliberated only about an hour in returning the guilty verdict after the 3-day trial. Assistant District Attorney Lonny Guidroz prosecuted the case with Clayton.

District Judge Tonya Lurry set Campbell’s sentencing for November 21, but the second -degree murder conviction carries a mandatory life sentence. His residence was listed as 5370 Lazard Lane in Jarreau, and he is 18 years old. Campbell was 17 at the time of the shooting, but he was transferred to adult court due to the severity of the crime.

This was the second time Campbell was tried on this charge. Judge Lurry declared a mistrial in the first trial in August because the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict, which is now required by state law.

Officials said Allen was trying to break up a fight outside the bar at about 1:30 am on September 18, 2021, when the shooting occurred. Raxx’s liquor license was revoked after the shooting for allegedly selling liquor to minors.

“This is another case in which gun violence ended a life and cost a young person his life, and has sadly impacted many families,” said DA Clayton. “We will not tolerate it. We will prosecute these cases with the full extent of the law. I am telling the young people – put the guns down. You will be arrested, you will be prosecuted fully, and you will go to jail.”

DA’s Office gets convictions in trial of St. Gabriel killings

Jaylon Brown was convicted of one count of second-degree murder in the killing of Dararius Evans and one count of manslaughter in the killing of Aleysia Maynor after a four-day jury trial in 18th Judicial District Court in Iberville Parish.

District Judge Elizabeth Engolio, presided over the trial, which began on October 3. The jury deliberated for a little over 5 hours on Thursday, October 6, before returning the guilty verdicts. Brown, 24, of 8276 Keel Avenue, Baton Rouge, was remanded back to jail to await sentencing. Second degree murder carries a mandatory life sentence and the sentence for manslaughter is up to 40 years in prison at hard labor. Sentencing is set for November 30.

The double homicide occurred on December 28, 2019, on LSU Ag. Road in St. Gabriel. The three had planned to meet there. They then drove to Gonzales and back, and Brown shot Evans and Maynor in the car at the scene. Evans called 911 after he was shot. He was hospitalized and died the next day. Maynor died at the scene.

Brown told investigators several different stories, and ended up saying it was self-defense, but the evidence did not match his story. Brown led detectives to a storm drain in Baton Rouge,  where he told them he threw the gun after the shootings.  

Assistant District Attorneys Chad Aguillard, Timmy Collins, and Ali Meronek prosecuted the case for the DA’s Office. “We will not tolerate these crimes and violence in the 18th District,” said District Attorney Tony Clayton. “I thank the jury for its attention and service in this case. We will go after the criminals and we will work hard to present the evidence to put them away.”

Larry West guilty of 2nd degree murder, attempted 2nd degree murder

An Iberville Parish jury found Larry West guilty of the murder of one man and attempted murder of another man after a 4-day trial Sept. 13-16. The crimes occurred after the Maringouin Mardi Gras Parade on Feb. 10, 2018.

West, 41, of 7603 Oakmount Dr., Baton Rouge, was found guilty of all three counts against him – second degree murder, attempted second degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Sentencing is set for November 3 by Judge Alvin Batiste, who presided over the trial. However, second degree murder carries a sentence of life in prison without benefit of probation or parole. The attempted second-degree murder conviction carries up to 50 years in prison, while the conviction on possession of the firearm carries an up to 20 year prison term.

District Attorney’s Office Chief of Trials Chad Aguillard prosecuted the case. West was in a Dodge Ram truck driven by Danny Smith when they first drove past a group of young men on Mayer Street. They came back down the street a short time later, stopped the car by the group, and West got out with a gun under his arm. He addressed Christopher Carter, Carter turned around and West shot him in the back of the head.

West also shot Torray Collins, who was hit in the leg. West then got back into the truck and he and Smith fled. Carter, who was 26 years old and a resident of Maringouin, died at the scene. Collins survived and testified against West in the trial. Another witness who saw the shootings also testified against West in the trial.

Danny Smith, who is charged as a principal to second degree murder and attempted second degree murder, also testified in the trial that West was with him at the scene, was armed and that he heard gunshots. The next court date for Smith, 61, of 77525 Pecan St., Maringouin, is November 7.

West had been convicted of possession of cocaine in 2015, so he was not allowed to be in possession of a firearm.

“There was great interest in this case by residents of Maringouin, especially the family and friends of Mr. Carter,” said Assistant DA Aguillard. “We are very happy that the jury got it right, and his family and friends can at least now have closure.”

“This case drug on because Mr. West kept changing lawyers, but we were determined to provide justice for this family,” said District Attorney Tony Clayton. “We will do what it takes to prosecute violent offenders and get them off the streets of our communities.”

Dionte Bracken convicted of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder

A 12-member jury in Iberville Parish deliberated for over three hours late into the night of May 12 and unanimously found Dionte Bracken (DOB 09/12/2000, of 57345 Cpl. Herman Brown, White Castle) guilty of one count of second degree murder and one count of attempted second degree murder.

According to District Attorney Tony Clayton, the victims, Jaion Knight and Deandre Brown, were sitting in Brown’s car when Bracken emerged from the darkness on August 20, 2020, opened the car door and started shooting, leaving very little opportunity for the victims to defend themselves. Knight was killed and Brown in injured in the shooting. Bracken was arrested the next day for the shootings.

Clayton commended the hard work of the jury in the three-day trial, saying, “They understood the case presented, and handed down justice for the families and the Bayou Goula community.”  

He also praised the investigative work on the case. “I commend the work of the Iberville, Ascension, and Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Offices, along with the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab. They did a great job working this case and finding all the evidence across all these parishes,” stated Clayton. 

Chad Aguillard, who is Clayton’s Chief of Trials, prosecuted this case along with Assistant District Attorneys Niki Roberts and Brilliant Clayton.  Honorable Judge Alvin Batiste, Jr. presided over the case and set sentencing for Bracken on July 7, 2022.

Second degree murder carries a mandatory life in prison sentence, while attempted second degree murder carries up to 50 years in prison. 

In closing, Clayton stated, “This senseless gun violence needs to stop and will not be tolerated in the 18th Judicial District. Put the guns down and work out your differences.”

Two men convicted of murder, feticide by Pointe Coupee jury

An 18th Judicial District Court jury in Pointe Coupee returned guilty verdicts on April 8  in the trial of two men for a deadly Valentine’s Day shooting in 2019 that killed a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Treveon Robinson, 22, of 2022 Lobdell Hwy., Port Allen, was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree feticide, attempted second degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Andre Griffin, 24, also of Port Allen, was found guilty of second degree murder, first degree feticide, and attempted second degree murder. Both men face life in prison.

Aerial Edwards, 25, of Glynn, and her unborn child, were killed in the murders. “It’s sad that this little boy never had an opportunity to live life and be a part of the Edwards family, but by serving justice on the people that killed that little baby boy and his mama, we’re able to provide some sort of closure to that family,” said Assistant District Attorney Chad Aguillard. “I pray that they can now move on and put this chapter of their lives behind them.”

The trial lasted two weeks, and the jury deliberated two hours before returning the guilty verdicts. District Judge Kevin Kimball presided over the trial.

“These young folks who have chosen a life of violence appear not to have gotten our message,” said District Attorney Tony Clayton. “If you choose to take the life of another unjustifiably you will forfeit your right to live freely. Put the guns down or you will die in Angola. We take no joy in prosecuting you, but you leave us no choice. Put the guns down.”

Edwards was killed in the drive-by shooting into a house she shared with her boyfriend, Kendel Mingo, on Russell Lane in Glynn on Feb. 14, 2019. She was asleep in bed at the time. In testimony during the trail, the DA’s office established that the shots fired into the house were intended to kill Mingo. After the shooting Mingo called the Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Office and rushed Edwards to the hospital, but she died before arriving.

The DA’s office presented evidence that the shots that hit Edwards also killed the unborn child. “We presented real-life evidence of the death of an innocent, unborn baby that emanated from the senseless, stupid violence of Andre Griffin and Treveon Robinson,” Aguillard said.

“It was extremely emotional to see that happen in a live trial for the jurors, who were conducting their civic duty.”

 “District Attorney Tony Clayton has taken a position that when a case involves serious gun violence we will not standby and work out deals. Our objective is to present these cases to the juries of our three parishes to get justice for the victims,” added Aguillard.