Larry West guilty of 2nd degree murder, attempted 2nd degree murder

An Iberville Parish jury found Larry West guilty of the murder of one man and attempted murder of another man after a 4-day trial Sept. 13-16. The crimes occurred after the Maringouin Mardi Gras Parade on Feb. 10, 2018.

West, 41, of 7603 Oakmount Dr., Baton Rouge, was found guilty of all three counts against him – second degree murder, attempted second degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Sentencing is set for November 3 by Judge Alvin Batiste, who presided over the trial. However, second degree murder carries a sentence of life in prison without benefit of probation or parole. The attempted second-degree murder conviction carries up to 50 years in prison, while the conviction on possession of the firearm carries an up to 20 year prison term.

District Attorney’s Office Chief of Trials Chad Aguillard prosecuted the case. West was in a Dodge Ram truck driven by Danny Smith when they first drove past a group of young men on Mayer Street. They came back down the street a short time later, stopped the car by the group, and West got out with a gun under his arm. He addressed Christopher Carter, Carter turned around and West shot him in the back of the head.

West also shot Torray Collins, who was hit in the leg. West then got back into the truck and he and Smith fled. Carter, who was 26 years old and a resident of Maringouin, died at the scene. Collins survived and testified against West in the trial. Another witness who saw the shootings also testified against West in the trial.

Danny Smith, who is charged as a principal to second degree murder and attempted second degree murder, also testified in the trial that West was with him at the scene, was armed and that he heard gunshots. The next court date for Smith, 61, of 77525 Pecan St., Maringouin, is November 7.

West had been convicted of possession of cocaine in 2015, so he was not allowed to be in possession of a firearm.

“There was great interest in this case by residents of Maringouin, especially the family and friends of Mr. Carter,” said Assistant DA Aguillard. “We are very happy that the jury got it right, and his family and friends can at least now have closure.”

“This case drug on because Mr. West kept changing lawyers, but we were determined to provide justice for this family,” said District Attorney Tony Clayton. “We will do what it takes to prosecute violent offenders and get them off the streets of our communities.”